Multiple Panel Comics

Most of these comics tell the story of Paul Foster, a superhero with the Hero League and his roommate Ugly George. There is an ex-wife too. Others are simply gags that could not be portrayed in a single panel.

Episode 1 Paul has a sperm sample tested.
Episode 2 Results of Paul's test
Episode 3 Paul goes to a job interview
Episode 4 Ugly George visits his grandfather in the nursing home
Episode 5 Compromise
Episode 6 Allison and Paul pray
Episode 7 Jesus drops by
Episode 8 Jesus answers prayers
Episode 9 Allison explains herself to Jesus
Episode 10 Jesus' final comments
Episode 11 Ugly George's cat
Episode 12 Hero League
Episode 13 Paul works on his resume
Episode 14 Head explosion
Episode 15 The slamming of the door
Episode 16 Paul to the rescue
Episode 17 An epiphany
Episode 18 Decisions, decisions
Episode 19 Paul leaves
Episode 20 Office Gossip
Episode 21 Paul's resume
Episode 22 Paul crashes at George's house
Episode 23 Hero League open auditions
Episode 24 Ugly George's nephews visit
Episode 25 Paul tries on his old costume
Episode 26 Job Interview
Episode 27 Job Interview Part II
Episode 28 Paul meets with Human Resources
Episode 29 Paul receives a super hero code name
Episode 30 Paul does not like his super hero code name
Episode 31 Paul visits Captain Stupendous
Episode 32 Why the Red Spade no longer wears that costume
Episode 33 We are not Sluggy Freelance
Episode 34 Can it get any grayer?
Episode 35 The quest for a code name continues
Episode 36 A suggestion is made
Episode 37 The Shrike
Episode 38 The Shrike looks for an arch-enemy
Episode 39 A visit to the headquarters of the Council of Evil
Episode 40 Tying up loose ends, Part I
Episode 41 Tying up loose ends, Part II (God was cranky)
Episode 42 WEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
Episode 43 Introducing Brick Man
Episode 44 Shrike and Brick Man vs. the Lava Thing, Part I
Episode 45 Shrike and Brick Man vs. the Lava Thing, Part II
Episode 46 Shrike and Brick Man vs. the Lava Thing, Part III
Episode 47 Shrike and Brick Man vs. the Lava Thing, Part IV
Episode 48 Shrike and Brick Man vs. the Lava Thing, Part V
Episode 49 Shrike and Brick Man vs. the Lava Thing, Part VI
Episode 50 SFX
Episode 51 Paul practices inner dialogue
Episode 52 The Flame is a bit slow
Episode 53 Hero League Meeting
Episode 54 Squirrelman vs. Baron von Evil
Episode 55 The Legion of Superheroes with unfortunate secret identities
Episode 56 Til the cows come home
Episode 57 Bitch slap delivered
Episode 58 United Bitch Slap Service
Episode 59 Spect-o-graph
Episode 60 Cow Man
Episode 61 The League of Evil Social Scientists
Episode 62 Extreme Close Up Emoting
Episode 63 Baby Changing Station

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