Clip art related to shapes and forms

Instructions for Downloading Clip Art
  • Click on thumbnail image
  • Can also right click on thumbnail and choose save target as...
  • This will open a new window
  • Right click on image
  • Click on save picture as...
  • Save it to a location on your own hard drive
  • Some art can be purchased and downloaded as other file types ($2.00USD per image). These images will have purchase links under them. Terms of use for purchased clip art.
  • GIFs and PNGs are still free


blue triangle


blue triangle


blue triangle


blue triangle


blue triangle

purple diamond

purple diamond

magenta star

magenta star



pink pentagon

pink pentagon

orange star

orange star

red triangle

red triangle

blue circle

light blue circle

blue square

blue square

yellowCircle.png (47712 bytes)

yellow circle

mauveoval.png (268400 bytes)

pink oval

tanrectangle.png (291787 bytes)

tan rectangle

tealhexagon.png (86762 bytes)

teal hexagon

orangebullet.png (87243 bytes)

orange bullet

redcircle.png (77134 bytes)

red circle

blueoval.png (112532 bytes)

light blue oval

navydiamond.png (302932 bytes)

navy blue diamond

grayrectangle.png (127905 bytes)

gray rectangle

purplehexagon.png (47900 bytes)

purple hexagon

greenbullet.png (40038 bytes)

green bullet

shapes0813.gif (14828 bytes)

green star tube

shapes0812.gif (16841 bytes)

light blue star tube

shapes0811.gif (13132 bytes)

blue star tube

shapes0810.gif (11287 bytes)

gray star tube

shapes089.gif (9678 bytes)

eight point star tube

shapes088.gif (9470 bytes)

heptagon tube

shapes087.gif (8954 bytes)

hexagon tube

shapes086.gif (12696 bytes)

pentagon tube

shapes085.gif (11600 bytes)

square tube

shapes084.gif (11720 bytes)

triangle tube

shapes083.gif (17153 bytes)


shapes082.gif (10783 bytes)


shapes081.gif (23991 bytes)


shapes0815.gif (13669 bytes)

red star tube

shapes0814.gif (13289 bytes)

yellow star tube

star22.png (13167 bytes)
purple star

star21.png (13612 bytes) purple star

star20.png (13252 bytes)
blue star
star19.png (14069 bytes)
blue star
star17.png (13915 bytes)
green star
star16.png (45308 bytes)
green star
star15.png (13402 bytes)
green star
star14.png (12807 bytes)
green star
star13.png (12806 bytes)
orange star
star12.png (12565 bytes)
yellow star
star11.png (13393 bytes)
yellow star

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