The Lemon Frog Shop

Great stuff for girls 4 ft. 11 - 1/2 in. to 5 ft. 4 - 1/2 in. tall

The Lemon Frog Shop is the only part of Sears with a height restriction. I exceeded the height restriction when I was twelve. Fortunately, Sears and other department stores had become more tolerant and enlightened in its attitude toward tall girls, by the time I became a teenager. My heart goes out to those tall and short women who had to suffer the humiliation at being excluded from certain parts of Sears. Of course, judging by the fashions, maybe exclusion was not such a bad thing.

This is an example of something so ugly that words failed even the Sears catalog writers. These are writers who were not above making up words. The best they could come up with is Body Thing.

Back in 1971, today's teen was a pants person, liked boy jeans and coordinated a jumper with a Body Thing.

I was watching 2001: A Space Odyssey recently and I wondered why the space program was not as advanced as the movie. Then I saw this page. It seems that the vital resources of our space program were being diverted into dying Orlon knits. This was a very poor use for the space program. I hope NASA can say no to this kind of foolishness in the future.

Today's teen likes boy jeans but prefers the company of girls. What does Sears know about today's teen?

The girl on the far left looks to be about 35 years old. This scene looks like the end of a long day and the photographer was really reaching on the poses. It was past friendly hand holding time. No telling what kind of poses would have appeared if the shoot had kept going. The girl on the far right is wearing a "farmer's vest". I have never seen anything like that on a farmer. If a farmer wore that kind of thing, it would not be pretty.

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