Men in Underwear

Eddie Murphy once did a stand-up routine about the lack of bulges on the underwear models in the Sears catalog. It was a funny bit. A closer inspection of the pictures reveals that the bulges are airbrushed out.

sears160.jpg (415115 bytes) sears161.jpg (406385 bytes) sears162.jpg (204908 bytes)

The two models on the top of this page must have felt just a little weird about this shoot. Oh well, as long as the check clears.

sears43.jpg (21178 bytes)

The boy on the bottom of this page must have had self-esteem of titanium, or was home-schooled or had the martial arts skills of Bruce Lee. Being "husky" alone was enough to qualify for a daily ass whipping but add underwear model to husky, that would completely break the average boy.

sears28.jpg (12713 bytes)

Ten years later, I bet this boy's parents took out their copy of the catalog and showed this picture to his date. Today they sit in a nursing home wondering why he never visits.

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