Sears Catalog Ladies' Lingerie

Warning: Some images may not be suitable for children but if you have gone this far, forget it. Disclaimer: I have no knowledge regarding the ages of any model in this section.

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This is as sexy as Sears got in 1971.

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Cling-Alon Panty Hose. A pun!

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Stretchy little matchlings in bright white or gay colors shape you gently, smoothly, naturally, joyfully. Lolly, lolly, lolly get your adverbs here!

Some viewers may wonder why the models' bodies are wider below the navel. Those are called hips. Hips have not appeared on fashion models in the last twenty years, so some confusion is understandable.

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The Ah-h Bra. More like the AAHH, IT'S COMING RIGHT AT US!!! bra. Breasts are not supposed to have angles.

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This one is probably confusing for the guys. A woman buys a bra that gives a no bra look. Just don't wear a bra if one desires the no bra look. That would seem like a logical solution but on women who have any sort of breasts going for the no bra look without a bra is very unattractive. Think about those topless native women in the documentaries and in National Geographic. Saggy tits are a real turn-on (sarcasm). That is why a bra is necessary.

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Great slimming power and stops most bullets.

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I hope this woman never had to pee while wearing that contraption.

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After World War II, German scientists who could not design rockets found work with Sears. Anytime a woman wearing one of these things farted, dogs for miles around would start howling.

This is included for reference purposes.