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If you're ever in a quandary about what to serve a crowd, recipes tailored to larger numbers may seem like the answer to a prayer. These recipes were designed for oft-occurring situations - from casual buffets for 12 to 24 to the compelling occasion of a family reunion, a teen-age graduation party or a shower for a bride or a mother-to-be.

Each calls for its own special kind of food, but all have a common denominator - informality is the order of the day and guest come to enjoy the company, not to be critical. So don't stand on ceremony! Follow these recipes, tips and the handy food-buying guide, choose appropriate dishes, make sure there's enough of whatever you serve and plan your table and service with care.

Then relax, be flexible and play the occasion as you see it. From main dishes, salads and breads to dessert and coffee or punch, let these recipe cards help you play serene hostess to a crowd for any occasion - pancake breakfast, cocktail party, holiday open house or an important reception.

Betty Crocker

Pictured: Anti-soul food.

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