Section C: Budget Casseroles


about Budget Casseroles...

What every woman needs is a cache of what we call our "Poor Richard" recipes. These novel hot and hearty casseroles would have delighted the taste as well as the saving spirit of Ben Franklin, America's epicure-statesman who first remarked that "A penny saved is a penny earned."

There is nothing odds-and-endsy about these dishes. Instead, each one serves up savings with appealing flair and regard for good nutrition. Your family will take pleasure in each ingenious way you offer them Hamburger Incognito, Chicken - Choice but Cheap, Fish Favorites, Versatile Vegetables and other well-garnished, similar surprises.

Our search for these ranged far and wide to help you chalk up good marks for cooking skill while the coins you save clink cheerfully into the piggy bank on the kitchen counter.


Betty Crocker

Pictured: Round Steak 'n Ravioli.

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