Section M: Snacks Around the Clock

Snacks Around the Clock



Snacktime seems to be always with us - morning, afternoon and night. Fast energy pick-me-ups, easy after-school nibbles that children can fix themselves, sandwiches and finger foods and cereal confections - just name it and there's someone hungry to eat it!

Why not accept the challenge and use the occasion to slip in some painless extra nutrition, too? This collection of recipe cards covers kitchen counter lunches from soup to nuts, wholesome snack ideas with a happy twist, and quick tips for imaginative bag lunches with a little bit of home tucked in along with the cookies and carrot sticks. There are sweet and salty snacks, blender drinks and hasty, tasty snacks to eat on the run.

So, now you're all set. When someone wants a snack, there'll always be something good to snatch from the full cookie jar, the freezer or refrigerator.

Betty Crocker

Pictured: Cupcakes and German chocolate brownies made from our mixes. Along with cheese, fruit and blood.

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