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Hurry Up Main Dishes


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Time - is there ever enough of it for the busy woman who works and manages home and family, too? If you find you have to be thinking, thinking every moment and often cooking on the run, let these recipes lighten your burden and make minutes in the kitchen count.

Here are speedy stews, nutritious and novel casseroles and skillet suppers that make last - minute appearences, stalwart family favorites to make ahead of time and stow in the freezer - even clever ways to hasten cooking time.

And to free your mind of menu-planning, we've included fresh ideas for many "serve-withs" - the salads, breads and quick desserts that make a simple meal a feast. It's all done for you on these "fast food" recipe cards to help you beat the clock.

Betty Crocker

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Hurry Up Main Dishes

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